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1ST, PREFERABLY OVER THE PHONE OR (IN PERSON BY APPOINTMENT) We will need the year, make, model, miles, equipment and a description of your vehicle for an appraisal. Let us know of any issues regarding your vehicles needs; Interior, exterior, cosmetics (missing parts, windshield, dents, scratches, tears), electrical (locks, windows, a/c, infotainment), mechanical (lights on dash, engine, transmission, brakes, tires, services) etc. Note that some vehicles may not qualify for consignment.

2NDUsing the (High, Middle, and Low) Kelley Blue Book market values; We let you know what we believe the market can Netto you after bank payoff adjustments, if any.

Generally, the Middle KBB market value is used as a net offer to you; before mileage additions and market adjustments. Typically, this amount is more than you would be offered as a trade-in or buy offer from other sources such as Carmax, Carvana, Kelley Blue Book or Motor City – Cash for Keys.

For example, if we appraise your vehicle and (High, Middle, Low) KBB market values are ($14K, $12K, $10K) respectively; We would try and Netyou $12K. So, if you owed $10K on your bank loan, we would payoff $10K to your bank, after we receive funding from the bank that purchased our pre-approved buyer's new loan. We confirm clear title transfer with the banks; Then we have you pick up your $2K Net check. Our fee/commission is the amount over the net to you. So if we sell your vehicle for $12,700, the dealership fee is $700. We have 20 business daysto secure funding to you, but we are usually faster than that. In the event that there is no bank payoff; We simply swap your vehicle title for a check.

Before we make a formal appointment to confirm the market value and have you drop off your vehicle; The above process saves time and helps you and our dealership determine whether or not consignment is right for you.

Consignment costs are anything it costs to get your vehicle ready to sell. If your vehicle needs only a Detail cleaning - $150, Smog - $75 ½ hour visual safety inspection - $50, and Vehicle history report - $25 ; The average upfront cost would be $300. If the vehicle needs fluids serviced, battery, drive cycle, brakes, tires, windshield repair, dashboard lights diagnosed and other things; The costs would be more. You get the picture.

Consignment is a 45 day agreement. We will advertise your vehicle across many mediums until it sells. If you have a buyer for your vehicle, within the 45 days; you would refer them to our dealership. We will assist them with Financing and Warrantying your vehicle. After the 45 days has expired, the consignment agreement automatically becomes a day-by-day agreement, unless you give us a 48 hour notice to pick up the vehicle. We will also give you the courtesy to pick up your vehicle with a 48 hour notice; if it does not sell. There are no additional fees for the day-by-day extension.

3RDIf Consignment is your preferred method for selling your vehicle; Let us take the hassle out of the process. No strangers at your home or no show appointments. We will need copies of your drivers license, current registration, title, current insurance card, 30 day payoff quote from your bank with bank name, payoff address, phone number, account number etc., keys, check or cash for upfront costs and ½ tank of gas. (Charged if electric). You will receive a copy of the written consignment agreement. That's It.

Let us do the rest and add you to the long list and many years of satisfied loyal customers. Thank you in advance for allowing His Rosedale Auto Sales to serve your family and referrals.

Consignment His Rosedale Auto Sales

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